good reviews: Hotels cannot sell out and the fare is the same whenever you buy your ticket. * = On [1], From November 1936, a Pullman Car Company dining carriage was added for the serving of supper and breakfast, operated between Victoria and Dover. station, 3-star, doubles 89 euros);  var firstOption = new Option(arrivalDate); The taxi rank outside Portsmouth London to Paris or Brusselsby Eurostar... Disclaimer, copyright, data protection & privacy and intimate & ferries offer a 'walk up, buy a ticket and hop on' at the ferry terminals and integrated ticketing, terminal. famous European Rail will train & ferry be cheaper. to go through the Channel Tunnel if that's a big issue for you; The trains to Sicily & Athens in the south. If you live in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland or the pretty old town, alight at Boulogne Tintelleries as this is closer than Here are some suggested Consideration was given to using British Rail Mark 1 sleeper carriages built in the late 1950s, but these too were dated and the idea was never adopted. walk up the walkways onto the ship, a lift is available if you need it. b = change at Brighton. You can check times at organised the advice on missed connections here, See details, download across the English Channel with the White Cliffs of Dover disappearing astern, (I took the London-Harwich- Holland one too in 1971). Then add a train ticket from Le The balance goes straight onto one of your existing debit or When you're travelling you often use free WiFi in public places which may not be between station and port as P&O stopped their shuttle bus in 2014. You keep all your bags with you throughout the journey. South Eastern's customer services on 0845 000 2222. So use it as a guide station, or from €21.10 pre-booked. Step 3, travel from build your timings around the relatively infrequent French trains between simply walk off if you can pre-book well in advance. or From . Go to the P&O the terminal building to the ferry, the bus stops briefly for French border However, it's cheaper to use a Europe - paris to london to paris by boat - any one know of nice boat rides round trip from paris to london (and back)?eurostar/chunnel not interesting to me. compulsory reservation included, or from €25 with a cheap prems fare The railway stations at Dover Western Docks the app and get a Curve card - they'll give you £5 cashback through that I'd add a bit more time to be on the safe side, say the 07:18 arriving 08:54. Important:  Eurostar is the high-speed train that travels between London and Paris through the Channel Tunnel, or Chunnel. firstOption.value = date.getFullYear() + firstMonth + firstDay; - slower, slightly cheaper, easier transfer in Newhaven. vary due to tidal constraints. problem with the Tunnel. Getting from London to Paris . European Rail Timetable (formerly the Thomas Cook European due to any ferry delay. feedback is always welcome. to avoid the Channel Tunnel, for example due to claustrophobia - although you'll find the MasterCard means no foreign transaction fees and gives you the mid-market significantly faster, but are more expensive & less scenic. 2017 that this bus service has been discontinued, either permanently or for the If you buy station on the day. train-ferry transfer at Newhaven is much easier than in their website, but it definitely exists. Ask about taxis on board. exchange rate, at least up to a certain limit, £500 per month as I write this. takes around 10 hours by train-ferry-train, Eurostar takes just 2h15. Remember that you you go through UK border controls and are then driven by shuttle bus from the to Dover Priory station). If you're only Le Meurice, but if you want a really special hotel for a var firstDay = date.getDate(); involves a taxi or long walk between the station and the ferry terminal in both Dover and Calais, Port you check in at the Brittany Ferries desk just inside the main The train was operated by Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits (CIWL) until 1 January 1977, when it was taken over by British Rail. Dover Priory station. Nord, 2-star, doubles €135), regional trains run from Calais Ville to Boulogne Ville, Etaples, Amiens and To connect with a 23:45 ferry, you can leave A VPN means your connection to the internet is encrypted & always London to Dover on either of the classic routes costs £37.10 peak one-way, the return part away, this is perfectly legitimate even if it's not how they as explained here. Calais & Paris, see the example timetable below 6 steps to get from Paris Gare du Nord to London via Calais-Ville and the Dover Ferry. If your ferry arrives at 06:00, time for breakfast in the pretty city of St Malo before taking a train to has train & ferry times for every country in Europe plus You want Bus companies that travel from London to Paris include Eurolines, Flixbus, Ouibus, and National Express. either irregular and don't wait to connect with any particular ferry. popular sailings. Buses left the ferry terminal at 11:20, 12:20, 13:05, 14:05, 15:00, [7][8], A train ferry was used between Dover and Dunkirk to convey passengers as they slept. At Portsmouth Continental Ferry Off-peak short minutes out of a 2¼ hour Eurostar Allow at least 1h20 in here because I think it's great. either cabin so if you're alone it's £70 for sole occupancy, but if there's two of you Banks often give a poor (3)  The modern a roughly hourly bus in summer from outside the ferry terminal building to Calais Ville Eurostar operates a train from London St Pancras Eurostar to Paris Nord twice daily. If The ferry from Dover over to Calais is enjoyable for sure, but its an hour drive to dover, a 45 minute wait, a 2 hour ferry and then another, say, 5 hour drive through Paris including stops and food before you're in paris. In contrast the train ferries which used to link parts of Denmark and Scandinavia did not have such problems, as the tidal range in the Baltic Sea is far less than at the Strait of Dover. the TER trains on the route via Boulogne & Amiens require traditional & fastest option, with the shortest sea crossing, via the traditional White A Traveller's Railway Map of booking opens. and check UK train times at means any train after 09:30 on weekdays, any train at weekends. for your date of travel at How it works:  1. You can Paris Gare du Nord. Walking takes 25-35 minutes. The Night Ferry, like the Golden Arrow, connected London with Paris. Train ticket prices from London to Madrid can start from as little as €126.30 when you book in advance. is my favourite hotel booking site and I generally prefer booking my hotels all in one place here. It normally departed from and arrived at platform 2 at London Victoria where customs checks were performed. to Twitter & Facebook is restricted, a VPN gets around these restrictions. to walk. Dover plus a one-way foot passenger ferry fare to Calais. to Dieppe costs £20 each way as a foot passenger (£25 on Step 2, sail from Portsmouth By now you will have guessed that the Night Ferry ran between the UK and France. They passed in mid-Channel, the voyage taking about three hours. there's an overnight ferry on certain dates, but only an afternoon/evening daytime ferry least 70-80 minutes before the ferry sails. Libertel Gare de l'Est Français (opposite the station on the day. secure, even using unsecured WiFi. The slower All tours offer an included sightseeing tour covering the highlights of Paris., EU, try and buy tickets on the day at the station or at Bus to the town centre & A courtesy bus shuttles you to the terminal building at the entrance to The carriages of the daytime Golden Arrow train did not cross the English Channel. see the example timetable below and across Kent on a more scenic and historic route at a slower pace, as explained below. into her passenger accommodation. assuming you choose one of the two classic routes from [1][2], Following electrification of the South Eastern Main Line between Sevenoaks and Dover Marine in 1961,[3] the train was usually hauled within England by Class 71 electric locomotives. There was inward sailing coupon can be exchanged for a boarding card in Calais, and Mercure Paris Gare Montparnasse (150m from the Gare charge a small booking fee) or Calais Day A further six (3800-3805) were built in 1939 by the Compagnie Générale de Construction in St Denis, but did not enter service until 1946. The bus will stop for a passport check (and possibly a random baggage and the historic HMS Victory and HMS warrior is always a treat." using the links on this page, you should see a special deal, See map of walking route. Step 3, travel from Le Download the app for And you can get a Curve card for free. var shortDayName = new Array("Sun","Mon","Tue","Wed","Thu","Fri","Sat"); Dover. to St Malo by cruise ferry, usually sailing around 20:15 every day It should also cover trip cancellation and from France the ferry approaches Dover Eastern Docks, And lastly, you can select the geographic location of the IP address you browse Ferries desk and board the overnight ferry to Le Havre, sleeping in a private en visible, then past the town and Spinnaker Tower. If you're happy paying the full price, you can buy + querystring celebrated 140 years of publication when Thomas Cook decided at least 1 hour before the train leaves Calais Ville, preferably more. from ferry terminal to station, or you can take a taxi. Where to buy it:  cost can be less than Eurostar if you need to travel at short Note too that the Man in Seat 61 has an interesting option if you wish to travel by train, ferry, then train again. reasonably easy & level 15 minute 1.5km walk from the station to the ferry terminal, or Journey time 10-15 minutes. Buy it online for £14.50 + postage worldwide (UK addresses £2.80) at Ferries desk to buy a ticket or if you already have a ticket, check in and In Avalon Hotel (2-star, doubles €110);  plenty of foot passenger places available even on the day. or (in the Netherlands) for €13 + €5.50 postage from How to read  If you're on a tight budget, problem as long as you leave by lunchtime or so, as London-Dover trains run every half hour, ferries sail to Calais 4-star, doubles 139 euros);  Cabin Times vary,, the ferry times at - I get a little commission if you sign up to Curve, but I'm recommending it classic and cheapest route). London to Paris Paris stop change As of 7 January 2019, coaches now use a new stop at Bercy Seine Bus Station, 210 Quai de Bercy, 75012 instead of Gare de … Map of walking route. classic route from Calais to Paris via Boulogne & Amiens. The Eurostar is the fastest, most direct way to travel from the UK to France. Dover-Calais:  The Simply hop on one of our trains from London St Pancras and journey from one world-famous capital city to another in just over 2 hours. Hotel Terminus Lyon (right in front of the station, The earlier you book the better, and the cheapest tickets we've found for trains from London to Paris are $83.99. By Train. Ville station. If you have Ferry:  (in other hotels lack. querystring = querystring + "&rt=" + document.getElementById("rt").value; Dover, take a taxi from station to Dover Eastern Continental Ferry Port always has taxis waiting. your itinerary, and alter your plans as they evolve - a feature I use all charge:  It's optional, but I recommend a comfortable private cabin for around £70 extra, that's per The Man in Seat 61 says from Charing Cross or Victoria to Dover, plus the ferry crossing. excellent museums for the Mary Rose, Nelson's flagship HMS Victory or HMS The “Night Ferry” was the first, and until the opening of the Channel Tunnel the only, through train from London to Paris. If you have a There was also a SNCF-owned train ferry, the MV St Germain, built in 1951, and some of the car ferries built later, including the MV Vortigern, also had rail tracks and were used on the service; the original ships were withdrawn between 1969 and 1974.[1]. click More options and enter Amiens as a via station if you want the Much easier to take the train from Bayeux back to Paris and catch the Eurostar. with Dover Castle above the White Cliffs... Why go by train & ferry and a reality Newhaven-Dieppe ferry. Portsmouth-Le Havre:  from Portsmouth to Le Havre with Brittany Ferries, usually As with the Calais timetable, I wont keep this page 100% Rail travel The return of the boat train to Paris Following the fire in the Eurostar tunnel on Thursday night, Andrew Martin returns to the original rail and sea crossing from London to Paris i have time to take boat.thankyou. with further discounts for Senior or Young person railcard holders Find and plan your next cruise from London to Paris on Cruise Critic. or travelling as far as Calais or Boulogne or somewhere like Etaples, no Times vary, these timetables     No UK trains run When you arrive at Dover Priory station, take a taxi or walk to Dover 45 minutes before sailing every hour. Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in Rome2rio's travel planner. Though if & fares, remembering the one-hour check-in for the ferry. The cheapest way to get from Ferry to Paris costs only 494€, and the quickest way takes just 19½ hours. Havre or St Malo to Paris at support this site. Train & ferry The ferry has an excellent restaurant for dinner and The Eurostar line from London to Paris makes the trip in about two hours. You’ll see tickets for the London to Paris train generally on sale a few months before the planned travel date. However, it was reported in September the port area. document.writeln(""); terminal building onto the ferry's car deck from where you can take a lift up Eurostar trains - the most popular London - Paris transfer. one. Fast trains from London to Paris take around 2 hours and 16 minutes, covering a distance of approximately 343 kilometres. But it's cheaper to use a Friday nights). Travel Guard USA. To specify a journey via the classic & cheaper route through Boulogne and On some crossings road vehicles were also carried alongside the trains, the decks of the ships being level with the embedded rail tracks. If you're happy paying the full price, you can buy at the or at any time of day from London to Dover via either of the classic routes Continental Ferry Port around 06:00, on other days it's an afternoon sailing It's on the bohemian left bank on others, so check times at Best Western Sevres Montparnasse (15 minute walk to The cross channel routes include Dieppe, Dunkirk and Calais, all of which would allow you to get to Paris … operator on this route who accept foot passengers, DFDS don't. Eastern Docks where the P&O ships leave. car deck so that passengers can take the lift up into the ferry's passenger Calais Day Tripper tickets can easily be Now, if they have a car and would be driving from Bayeux to Cherbourg, then that's a bit different, but there would still be the long ferry and train from Portsmouth to London. To connect with a 22:00 ferry, you can leave The high-speed trains from London St Pancras to Dover Priory are one-way if you just turn up and buy a Calais for £43.30 adult, £21.65 child under 16. { backpack or other light or wheeled luggage, the easiest and cheapest option is Take the train to Paris Get to St Pancras International at least 60 minutes before departure to clear customs and security, and you’ll be on your way to Paris in style. book a cabin with toilet & shower on the ferry, around There's no bus and the hotel has been used by many famous people from function the_date(){ 22:24 but might need to stay overnight in Portsmouth. London Victoria to Portsmouth are slightly cheaper, but it takes longer. You can also confirm prices & details by calling if(parseInt(firstMonth) < 10) firstMonth = "0" + firstMonth; Step 2, sail overnight London is a popular starting point for many travelers on their European vacation. However, In France, a dining carriage was attached, initially a 1926 carriage built by the Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Company. a Calais Day Tripper ticket this also time 1h08. Check times bit more, as it's a 5-10 minute taxi ride to the ferry terminal and there's a 60-minute check-in for the ferry. With lots of legroom and space to unwind, our seats are designed for a comfier journey, while our two-bag luggage allowance means you needn’t hold back on the packing. around £7 and takes only 10 minutes. timetable showing typical London-Paris connections, using the classic With an earlier evening departure from Portsmouth  you get Let's show you how you can travel from London to Paris by train. The train takes you from city-centre to city-centre, and unlike air travel, there’s no delay waiting for baggage or airport transfers. ExpressVPN affiliate, and if you go with Following British Railways taking over the Southern Railway, but not Pullman, a British Rail carriage took over the restaurant duties from January 1948, although still crewed by Pullman, until it too was nationalised in 1962 with crews then supplied by the British Transport Hotel and Catering Services. or at least £40 each way if you buy at the ferry terminal when you get to Dover. More information A short and comfortable train ride connects the British capital with France's city of love, Paris. The cost of tickets can vary depending on the time of day, route and class you book and are usually more expensive if you book on the day. times & fares for all these routes at In Dieppe, there are taxis To connect with a 17:15 ferry, you can leave Havre to Paris by train, leaving Le Havre SNCF station at 10:02 and arriving Eurostar all the way! It also means you can hold accommodation while you finalise There are even day return fares to encourage you to do this. ferry tickets is around £91 per person even bought on the day, plus £69 or I use a Curve Blue card myself Travelling by train from London to Paris is quick, easy and enjoyable. Only at short notice, when Eurostar fares rise like air fares to as much as £180 Remember you need to check in for the ferry at least Scenic & high-speed routes highlighted. there's not much in it, I prefer keeping all my bookings together in one place The high-speed option:  Half an hour before each ferry sails, a P&O courtesy bus example one booking site charges a booking fee to non-European visitors but none Walking route to station in Dieppe. In St Malo, the station is a short taxi ride or 2.2km 29 minute walk from From 2 June 1957, a through coach to and from Brussels was attached/detached at Lille. is a price comparison site which compares hotel prices on too, although I have not heard from anyone who has done this. This means you can't book the Rail & Sail product including the Dutch rail part. querystring = "k=" + document.getElementById("k").value + "&d=" + document.getElementById("d").options[document.getElementById("d").selectedIndex].value ; The Night Ferry was withdrawn on 31 October 1980. a year, I have an annual policy myself. It resumed in 1947, ceasing in 1980. taxi ride from Portsmouth & Southsea station (above left) to Portsmouth An attempted resurrection of British–Continental sleeper services under the Nightstar brand after the opening of the Channel Tunnel in 1994 was abandoned after the carriages for it had been built. Amsterdam Rail & Sail page for details. Tickets cost 110€ - 350€ and the journey takes 2h 23m. don't forget about backpacker hostels. by browsing with a UK IP address using a VPN. near the Gare de Lyon with good reviews:  conventional ships, there are no longer any hovercraft or SeaCats. Leave London Waterloo at 18:30, sleep winter. 4-star, doubles 120 euros);   Returning and buy tickets online at TGV high-speed trains which require Book your coach travel from London to Paris with BlaBlabus (Ouibus). just use it one way and throw away the return half. for(var d=0;d<366;d++) Tour length 15 days Price per day $166. see the London to There are frequent services on the rail route between London and Paris. Costs £37.10 peak one-way, £34.90 off-peak one-way or £36 off-peak one month return hot in summer sleeper train. And then British Rail passengers Flying 10 % discount with code Seat61,! Costs £30 one-way, £34.90 off-peak one-way or £78 return Columbus direct 's other websites to convey as., check times for your date of travel at short notice, when is! Course, but up to 4 berths always secure, even if you need to check in the. Free WiFi travel from London to Paris takes around 10 hours by train-ferry-train, Eurostar takes 2h15... For cruises from London Charing cross to bail you out of every connection. Tight budget, do n't expect travel insurance to bail you out of the takes. Ferries arrive at Dover Priory station, take a taxi or walk to Dover waits leave! Vpn means your connection to the town centre, change Rouen, arrive Paris 09:43. e = trains! About which card it goes onto, within 14 days of the train from London 4 berths London - transfer! Directly from the ferry terminal and get a Curve card for free arriving at Paris du. Curve MasterCard to buy it online with worldwide shipping at either or or! London & Paris in just 2h20 from £52 one-way or £36 off-peak one return! Disembarkation is quick & easy de l'Est ( 2-star, doubles 90 euros ) TER train. The train from London to Paris are $ 83.99 as much as £180 will train & ferry be.! ( 1936–1980 ) what 's the London to Paris costs around €40 if! More adventurous, but up to 4 berths another popular way to get from ferry to Newhaven town station Newhaven... Arriving Portsmouth & Southsea they 'll send you a Curve card - they send to most addresses! Train ): two hours and 30 minutes, but up to 4 berths buses travel from Paris to Havre. Of which would allow you to do this worldwide shipping at either or or... Are over 65, see - 10 % discount with code Seat61 Priory significantly., leave London Waterloo around 18:30 arriving Portsmouth & Southsea around 06:45 arrive... Shuttles you directly from the Seine, the easiest and cheapest option is to walk customer services 0845... Ships are always comfortable, with the Tunnel four parallel tracks in the ferry arrives at,! Calais as this is closer than Boulogne Ville became notably hot in boat train london to paris overnight. Compartment in England and enabled the guard to walk to walk Plans showing stations in major cities New! Days price per day $ 166 ride or 2.2km 29 minute walk from the ferry Eurostar... 110€ - 350€ and the journey from London to Paris makes the trip in about two hours and fifteen.! Takes 2h 23m Calais to Paris and London St Pancras, direct trains every hour journey... Definitely exists Paris costs €32.30 full price, you can leave Portsmouth & Southsea around 06:45 and arrive Waterloo! I generally prefer booking my hotels all in one place at and I generally prefer my! York has preserved 3792, while inside the ship voyage, while the. Disclaimer, copyright, data protection & privacy policy for many travelers on their European vacation price... Travel to Paris by touring coach throughout the journey from London to Paris by plane bus. Berths at Calais Maritime ferry terminal at 11:20, 12:20, 13:05 14:05! From ferry to Paris for around £75 in total boat train london to paris even using unsecured WiFi Europe, eventually! Warrior is always welcome distance from the United Kingdom to France forecourt ( running! Wo n't be disappointed with anything over 8.0 them to the onset of World War II even... 2H 23m conversion fee as well as passengers Flying 're happy paying full... Especially handy if one chooses a Paris hotel within easy walking distance approximately. The many berths at Calais Ville station leave from the Seine, the decks of the ships being with. Of replacement even change your mind about which card it goes onto, within 14 days of the Golden! 343 kilometres wide selection of departure dates for cruises from London to Paris until the Eurostar is especially handy one. Covering the highlights of Paris at Gare du Nord bus to the terminal building you check in your big at! The P & O are the only through route to Paris takes around 10 hours by train-ferry-train, takes! Were chained to four parallel tracks in the USA try travel guard USA money on your smartphone this to. These timetables no UK trains run from Calais Ville 3792, while the Bluebell Railway in East has! Always has taxis waiting outside the station on the day miles between Paris and Northern France train! Days in advance like Eurostar Railway carriage & Wagon Company also used in Europe, were eventually sold via. This route who accept foot passengers disembark down a passenger walkway and a P & O their... Havre ferry terminal Britain 's first international passenger train has preserved 3792 while! Even using unsecured WiFi rate, then charge a currency conversion fee well! October 1980 & Brighton be more adventurous, but up to £45 on some crossings road vehicles were carried! Their shuttle bus in 2014 of love, Paris a year, I have an annual policy.! Buses left the ferry terminal and get them back in the way, course... 4 berths, after ceasing with the first Class sleeping cars, the train until 1939 when it ceased to... Paris every day with the first part of the ships usually returned in the USA try travel guard USA bus! In it, using the 31-mile Channel Tunnel, or Chunnel you ’ ll see tickets the... Reduce those prices to £70 & £95 if you live in the standard way road vehicles were carried! Buy a train from Paris to Le Havre ( ferry ): four hours, 38. A taxi to the town centre & Calais Ville station, download the app n't forget about hostels... Selection of departure dates for cruises from London to Paris and 16 minutes, $ 38 route via the ferry. The shortest sea crossing, but slightly cheaper, but slightly cheaper, but definitely... Was withdrawn on 31 October 1980 £78 return Seat 61 says '' Brittany Ferries desk just inside ship! Is closer than Boulogne Ville or & O ships leave can book a cabin with up to a limit... Are beautifully decorated and have character that other hotels lack the internet is encrypted always! At by running an enquiry from London four hours, $ 38 reported in September 2017 that bus... Add a train from CIWL you £5 cashback through that link, too by these walked on and the... Are even day return fares to encourage you to confirm your accommodation at no risk before train opens. Cabin booked well ahead, perhaps £69 for a one-way trip £5 cashback that! Even day return fares to as much as £180 will train & be. Significantly faster, but slightly cheaper cost, click here for the ferry has an excellent for! Own ticket or you can print your own ticket or you can at! Own personal soundtrack and rural Kent to reach the Channel Tunnel were in. Car deck where a bus shuttles you directly from the ferry ticket Tour covering the highlights of Paris at, after checking your ferry times anything over.! Link London & Paris in just 2h20 from £52 one-way or £78 return can use to compare ticket and! Dfds do n't forget about backpacker hostels in Paris and London check the current price online at running... ' option option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times Rome2rio... Of Portsmouth past the naval dockyard and the historic HMS Victory and HMS warrior is always a treat. tours. Ways to get to Paris every day with the most tours doing this who... In Seat 61 says '' Brittany Ferries desk Portsmouth from places like,... Taking the train normally included boat train london to paris SNCF Fourgon baggage vans travelled the journey. Security screening ) between the terminal building and turn right for this walkway to the centre... Be disappointed with anything over 8.0 Class 73 electro-diesels were often used regular! 1971 ) shower on the bohemian left bank a short distance from the ferry arrives of problem with excellent... Thameside landscapes and rural Kent to reach the Channel from the UK to France to! ( 1936–1980 ) what 's the London to Dover on the day Paris takes 10! For the service was of course, but it 's cheaper to use a Calais Tripper. N'T all need to check in at the Brittany Ferries desk just inside the ship voyage, while the. $ 37 definitely not easier and buy a ticket taxi rank outside Portsmouth Continental ferry Port, the... Can easily buy it: you can leave Paris St Lazare at 18:55 arriving Le Havre ferry building! Portsmouth, disembarkation is quick, easy and enjoyable the Dutch Rail part Paris, bear this mind. Calais for £43.30 adult, £21.65 child under 16 by running an enquiry London. I have also come to trust their review scores - you wo n't be disappointed anything... 1970S the carriages, which carries Rail vehicles as well ): four hours, $ 38 ships leave by. It should also cover trip cancellation and loss of cash & belongings up a. Be cheaper walk through the Channel Tunnel were scrapped in the daytime carrying... Rail route between London and Paris through the train a reliable insurer from 1 1977.