Are you tearful all the time?
Do you find yourself being angry and irritable most of the time?
Have you lost interest in things you once enjoyed?
Are you struggling with having energy?
Are your working longer hours than you need to or having difficulty working at all?
Are you using alcohol or drugs to not feel or feel better?
If you said yes to the above…you are not alone.
We all have bad days…we all can feel sad, mad at times. Sadness, being frustrated or “the blues”, “feeling down” are part of our lives but they often don’t come in the way of us living our lives.
However DEPRESSION is more intense, ongoing and we feel it in our minds, hearts, bodies and spirit.
It impacts everyday living- work, relationships, our sense of who we are and the basics (eating, sleeping and energy). 1 in 6 people suffer (mostly alone) from this common but serious mood disorder in the United States and its one of the most common mental health issues across the globe.
We at Thrive Wellness & Mediation believe treating depression and managing your mood are key to you regaining and maintaining your mind, body and spirit- your vitality!

Give Dr. Priyanka a call or email us to learn more about what kind of treatments we offer for depression.  We look forward to working with you!
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