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TheraCoaching - The Best Of Both Worlds

This is a wonderful and effective, solution focused option that combines the best of what psychotherapy offers and life/wellness coaching. Theracoaching is a whole person focused way of helping an individual work on pre-determined goals, nurture them and eventually accomplish them by partnering with a trained professional.  Coaching is often short term in nature and the focus is to assess your strengths, obstacles and re-align maladaptive patterns to maximize one’s potential and reach those self-determined goals.
In her use of Theracoaching, Dr. Priyanka over the years has helped many of her clients uncover what they want to work on, create a customized plan, provided support in adhering to it and helping maximize the results her clients desire.
The process of goal attainment can be for health, personal, emotional or professional reasons. For instance, Theracoaching is very effective for helping with professional or personal burnout, reducing risk of chronic medical problems, finding a job and keeping it, creating a balance between career growth and parenting or maximizing one’s performance. Dr. Priyanka has partnered with her clients by creating an empowering and clarifying relationship that provides support and accountability through the entire process.

What does the Theracoaching process entail?

Helping individuals reach their goals through Theracoaching requires a primary component- you have a relatively clear idea of the goal you want to achieve.
Additionally, you are motivated and driven, but you may be unclear on how to get there, you may be having difficulty navigating challenges or feel you may feel unable to do so on your own.
Here are the main stages of this process:

Setting the stage

This is the phase where Dr. Priyanka will work with you to clarify your goals, your strengths, and obstacles and begin to create a plan. This can be accomplished in one or two meetings.

Creating the plan

Once the goals are clear for both you and Dr. Priyanka, you will begin to create a plan and outline the various steps involved in working towards your goals. You will continue to identify your strengths, inner, external resources and obstacles that are preventing you from goal attainment. This stage is akin to creating a ‘blueprint’ or ‘roadmap.’

Ongoing support

With a roadmap in place, Dr. Priyanka will help keep you on track with your goals, monitor with you areas that may be slowing or impeding your progress, generate alternatives with you and continue to provide various motivational strategies to bolster your progress.

Follow up

During your follow-up sessions, that can be arranged as a package or as single meetings, you will discuss progress and fine tune your steps. These sessions are considered “booster” sessions to help you check-in with Dr. Priyanka who will continue to be your “accountability partner”. To help you stay the course, these sessions will largely aim at providing you motivation and support.