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Psychotherapy and the process of healing is a very personal journey. It can be immensely rewarding, transformative and rich with personal growth. But with each client and their needs being unique, psychotherapy and coaching require an individually tailored approach. Dr. Priyanka has extensive experience in diverse clinical settings and comes with expertise in several therapeutic approaches. Critically, her use of these interventions is backed by science and a strong evidence base for helping reduce stress and improve overall health. Dr. Priyanka has been partnering with clients for the past 10 years through therapy, coaching, and integrative mind-body and lifestyle related interventions to achieve this balance. She is an involved partner in helping you ameliorating distress and growing your emotional, mental and physical health.

To name a few Dr. Priyanka uses the following treatment modalities in psychotherapy: 

Cognitive behavior therapy

As a goal focused, collaborative and behaviorally targeted treatment approach, CBT can effectively help you learn new skills to manage your symptoms in new ways. It focuses on present thoughts, emotions and behaviors and not on the causes necessarily. Through the CBT lens, change occurs when the person changes the way they think, feel, perceive and behave in the world.

Mindfulness informed psychotherapy

The term mindfulness means to be intentionally in the present, on purpose, without judgment and instead with curiosity and compassion. The mindfulness tradition suggests that much of human suffering arises when individuals are focused on worries about the future or regrets about the past, thereby not being fully awake to all the possibilities in the present moment.
A burgeoning body of scientific evidence points to mindfulness practice benefitting the brain, our perceptions and thoughts. Regular mindfulness practice is also well known to increase overall physical and mental health, focus, productivity, and emotional intelligence.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy

As a primarily insight-oriented therapy, psychodynamic therapy focuses on ways of being and old patterns of behaviors as they keep manifesting in a person’s present life and behavior. The goals of psychodynamic therapy are to help build self-awareness and understand the various ways in which the past influences the present, with change occurring in the process of building insight.

Integration of Lifestyle medicine and Health psychology

Dr. Priyanka also utilizes various techniques from mind-body interventions and draws upon principles of Lifestyle medicine – the branch of medicine that helps prevent and treat lifestyle based illness through the use of nutrition, physical activity and skills to manage chronic stress.
Both in psychotherapy and coaching, Dr. Priyanka focusses on the psychology behind a healthy lifestyle or promoting healthy behaviors and behavior change to help reverse the trend of un-healthy lifestyle choices. To learn more about the Psychology of lifestyle, please visit our “blog” and the “Theracoaching” section under Wellness Menu .