Whether you single and want to find a partner, be in a loving and fulfilling relationship, or you are in a relationship and you find yourself in troubled waters, psychotherapy for an individual or a couple can be an empowering and transformative space of change and personal growth. You may be in a marriage that you are contemplating leaving or giving one more shot. Relationships are complex and in our fast paced, modern world, that is even more so the case.
Dr. Priyanka recognizes that humans are social beings- meaning we need people and relation-ships that span the range of human experience. Especially when we are stressed, sad or feel isolated, loving, nurturing and empowering relationships with significant others are what re-store vitality and create happiness. But sometimes, it might be in your best interest to leave that relationship too.
At thrive Wellness and Mediation we believe you have many answers within you; we are here to help you find the answers, ask the right questions, define and work to achieve the goals that will lead you to your best relationship.  In your work with Dr. Priyanka, you will begin exploring the relationships in your life; how they fit into your life, priorities and what changes you would like to see. You will work collaboratively to clarify patterns of how you are in your significant relationship- romantic partnership, mar-riage or as you explore the dating world.
Identifying patterns and your unique strengths will be as much part of the work as will be iden-tifying areas for change and growth. Whether you would will benefit from psychotherapy and/or coaching, is a discussion to have in the initial sessions with Dr. Priyanka. Sometimes this can take a few more sessions, after which you may feel ready to conclude this chapter of work with Dr. Priyanka, if you feel you have achieved your relationship goals or feel confident to practice them on your own. Sometimes, people prefer having a standing weekly appointment over a longer course of time. Either way, Dr. Priyanka is committed to working closely with you and help customize a plan that work for you, your partnership or marriage.